Something wicked this way comes…

Welcome to, a hub for projects by Joshua Grant.

I’m a writer, editor, web developer, game programmer, computer science student and digital artist working in Vancouver, BC.

Feel free to click around. I can’t stop you. I literally wouldn’t be able to stop you, even if I wanted to. (I don’t).

Need some web or game development work? Got a more artistic/good-of-humanity project you think I might be tickled by? Send me a message here.

Some projects:

Tofu3d, a Unity3d framework that espouses object-oriented principles and easy unit testing.
UbHub, a dashboard for cities to track urban biodiversity initiatives
Lanterns at Guantanamo, an archive of material from poet Jordan Scott’s trip to Guantanamo Bay
Anapest Digital, my indie game label where I keep a regular dev log
Oceans of Jupiter, a weird narrative arcade game made in 48 hours at Global Game Jam 2018
GOP Debater
The Vancouver Welcome Map for Syrian Refugees
FAQ Life

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